Reiki Healing

What is receiving Reiki like?

Imagine leaving your daily cares behind and moving gently into a peaceful state where your inner self has the space and time to make itself heard. Peace and loving care flow to you, soothing the wounds and scars you bare and leaving you with a sense of safety and serenity.

A Reiki session brings a flow of energy, which helps you to achieve balance and to heal naturally, in your own time. It leaves you better able to deal with the challenges you face at every level in your life. Reiki is a simple healing process, which benefits all of us and can be safely used with other complementary and conventional forms of medicine to help you reach optimum health and happiness.


Reiki is a safe ancient  Japanese healing and relaxation technique rediscovered in the early twentieth  century.  Reiki, pronounced Ray-Key is a Japanese word  which means universal life force or universally guided energy whereby universal life-giving energy is transferred by placing hands on or over a person with the intent to channel Reiki and reinforcing the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

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